Monday, June 10, 2013

Labels for herbs made of chalkboard cardstock

On this day last year we moved to our -rented- house.
Well, we are celebrating! We are very happy here and we love our garden! I wish the weather was normal so we could enjoy it more!
Today was the perfect day to plant some herbs, as a gift to our home! I planted them indoors as I have an ongoing war with slugs. Last summer I planted a basil and the next morning there was nothing left of it, only the disgusting trail of those creatures.

Three herbs were planted as seeds: basil, dill and parsley. We'll have to wait a little bit for those.

But I couldn't wait for mint, I need it pronto for mojitos!

I hope they are all happy next to the cyclamen X. bought for me. It is a little crazy, it's blooming for the second time, the first was in November... 
Of course I made labels for the herbs because I will have forgotten who is who in the time it will take them to get big enough for me to recognize them. But mainly because I like labels! I cut with decorative scissors tabs from chalkboard cardstock and I wrote with chalk the greek name of each herb. And then I used washi tape to stick them on  wooden sticks and... ready!
Now we'll need some sunshine!

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